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Critics Rave

"In the perfect arc of an arm: in the loud stamp of his feet; the gesture of a twisting hand. His spirit lives on in the company he founded and which gives such joy to so many each time we see them."
- Ann Hunt, The Dominion Post, 2015

"Kinra's beauty and intense spirituality took one's breath away. He is both master and servant of the art form he has dedicated his life to and we are better for it"
- Ann Hunt, The Dominion Post, 2013

"Kinra himself is a hugely accomplished performer and commands the eye when he takes the stage . Shivapanchaksharastotram is the central piece of the evening, a salutation to Lord Shiva, which features Kinra's wonderful range of facial expressions, rhythmic precision and theatricality. "
- Toby Behan, Theatreview, 2012

“But the star of the show is Vivek Kinra himself. His ability to display authentic classical dance moves with such fluidity and seamless grace is second to none. Successfully obtaining a reputation for professional excellence in all that he does both nationally and internationally, Vivek Kinra, undisputedly brings a rich and complex art form to life. . When Vivek Kinra dances his inner sublime transcends. He is dance, he is love, he is in this state, is Krishna.”
- Greer Robertson, Theatreview, 2011

“Vivek Kinra is a master of his art. Every perfect gesture, every exquisite movement of the head, body and the wonderful hands, tell stories almost more clearly than if expressed in words. Movement is deceptively simple but alone, and with his female dance companions, the stories and moves are complex and exotic. The appreciation of the audience at the conclusion of the official programme was obvious, so much so that Vivek Kinra graciously performed a solo encore.”
- Moreen Eason & John Jefferies, Theatreview, 2010

“Kinra himself is dancing in an enriched way that keeps all the technical command, control and stamina of a man half his age, but now also has all the subtle adagio, contrast of light and shade, and rich depth of experience that proves quite staggeringly beautiful. Joy. Anand.”
- Jennifer Shennan, The Dominion Post, 2009

“As always Kinra never fails to impress with his clarity of line and precision and execution … His dancing is imbued with a spirituality and intense musicality that is deep and satisfying.”
- Ann Hunt, DANZ Quarterly, 2008

"At times the turn of his head or the lift of a perfectly placed arm, filled the eyes with tears. His arms resembled arrows, never missing their mark, and gravity held no claim on him.”
- Ann Hunt, DANZ Quarterly, 2007

"Vivek Kinra dances the title of Ram with the mastery of motion and emotion we have come to expect in his luminary performances here for more than 16 years."
- Jennifer Shennan, The Dominion Post, 2006

"Kinra’s performance was humbling. The variety of technique and emotion was astonishing. Held sculptural poses, where he resembled old stone carvings, mercurial changes of direction and balance, thunderous stamping and lightning-bolt flashes of footwork, all achieved seemingly without effort.”
- Ann Hunt, Sunday Star Times, 2005

"…Kinra’s formidable technique and innate rhythmic sense liberate him rather than bind him to dance a venerable heritage repertoire as though for the first time."
- Jennifer Shennan, The Dominion Post, 2004

"Utsav is billed as a celebration of Indian music and dance. It could be seen to celebrate cultural diversity in New Zealand. The huge support that Kinra and Mudra have gained over the years is evidence of this.”
- Jenny Stevenson, The Dominion Post, 2003

".. the rhythmic syllables borrowed from drumming were played out as though feet on earth were the original drum.."
- Jennifer Shennan, The Dominion Post, 2002

"In the final days of the festival, Vichitra performed by Vivek Kinra was a riveting solo performance of exquisite beauty and a valuable cultural contribution to the arts festival."
- Sandra Greig, The Press, 2001

"They [Mudra Dance Company] have arrived, in terms of the standard of the company, at a professional level, of which Kinra can be justifiably proud."
- Jenny Stevenson, The Dominion, 2000

"Dance critics up and down the country have, over the last decade , exhausted their supply of superlatives to describe and praise the work of Kinra.”
- Jennifer Shennan, The Evening Post, 1999

"As an exponent of this form, Kinra has no equal in this country."
- Jenny Stevenson, The Dominion, 1998

"Kinra’s dancing is renowned - sure footed, strong, graceful as he slams and slaps the stage or leaps joyfully high and light as a breeze.”
- Jennifer Shennan, The Evening Post, 1997

“Combining the male and female aspect of Lord Shiva, Kinra’s choreography and dancing had a tantalising flame-like progression, adding contrast to his already excellent programming.”
- Sherril Cooper, The Press, 1996

“After a time, excellence becomes increasingly difficult to write about, without resorting to familiar superlatives. Kinra presents just such a problem.”
- Ann Hunt, The Dominion, 1995

“Lighting speed never compromises his perfect precision. An amazing turnout is matched by his enviable strength and balance.”
- Bernadette Rae, The New Zealand Herald, 1994

“In Kinra’s performance, one gets the impression of the universe dancing along with him. To watch Kinra dance is to become aware of just how much the human body can express and accomplish, and the human being can experience and feel.”
- Sherril Robinson, The Press, 1993

“Here is a dancer who embodies the joy of dance, converting his audience to the divine beauty of the human body in motion.”
- Sherril Cooper, The Press, 1992

“The unquestionably fine quality of his work makes his presence a decided asset to the New Zealand arts scene.”
- Maggie Burke, The Christchurch Star, 1991

"He has the fluidity and purity of water with the brilliance and fineness of crystal. When he’s danced for you, you stay danced for. It will be a long time before I forget this young dancer’s performance. ’
- Ann Hunt, The Dominion, 1990

"Vivek Kinra's Bharatanatyam performance provided an excellent example of the control and strength of his sound training at Kalakshetra. The polished vigour of the nritta was nowhere allowed to become a mechanical exercise but retained its sparkle and sprightliness from the initial mallari to the tillana.”
- Gauri Ramanathan, The Hindu (Chennai, India), 1989

"In his dance we see sparkling Bhavas (moods) and Abhinayas (facial expressions), brisk action, total control of steps and rhythm along with the perfect movement of limbs. His eyes express swift changes of emotion. The quality and maturity of his dance are far, far above his age. One cannot but wonder how one could get such a mastery over all the aspects of the art at such a young age..”
- Thiruppoor Krishnan, Dinamani (Chennai, India), 1988

"From episode IV, Vivek took over as the adult Murugan, and appeared like one born to play that role. He danced with dignity and grace without making a single false step.”
- T S Parthasarathy, Indian Express, Madras, India, 1987

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