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Mudra Dance Company Presents

Kartikeya - Hindu God of War, the Warrior Son of Lord Shiva

Choreographed and produced by Vivek Kinra
Performed by Mudra Dance Company

The Mudra Dance Company is back to perform at the Whitireia Theatre in Wellington in the dramatic new production of Kartikeya

Kartikeya is the younger son of Lord Shiva, and is the beloved deity of the Tamil people. There is not a village in South India, however small, which does not possess a shrine to this powerful Deity. Kartikeya, the warrior son of Lord Shiva, is cosmoslogically linked to the Pleiades, the cluster of six start that lie in a nearby area of our galaxy, 400 light years distant. As the god of war, Kartikeya is the destroyer of demons. Kartikeya crushes evil forces - external and internal - removes ignorance, and bestows eternal knowledge.

Kartikeya will be a kaledoscope of motion, colour, music, mime and rhythm. The dances highlight Kinra's choreography which combines innovative and traditional elements of dance. Characterized by exotic beauty and charm, Mudra Dance Company is a visual feast of brilliant sari colours, traditional headdresses of braids and flowers, and the sparkle of gorgeous jewellery

Mudra Dance Company will excite the audience with fast-moving dramatic dance pieces that will showcase the incredible talent of this highly regarded dance company.

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Whitireia Theatre,
25-27 Vivian Street

Fri 4th August at 7.30pm
Sat 5th August at 7.30pm
Sun 6nd August at 4.00pm

2 hours including an intermission of 20 minutes

Available from Event Finda:
or phone 0800 289 849
Booking fees apply

For further information, media enquires and imagery contact:
Mark Graham:
Publicist, Mudra Dance Company
Tel: 021 550 245

Phone (04) 977 9884    Email

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